Among the most exciting moments in this process of Redemption is watching the pieces come together. Anyone can do this. (You don't have to be a prophet!) Just by being an observer of the human scene,...current events, talk radio, internet news and daily experiences,--all this can be eye-opening about how the Rebbe's prophecy is being fulfilled.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Appreciating the Wonders which G-d is Revealing

An ancient prophecy written in the Yalkut Shimoni (14th century anthology) describes the Persian Gulf War of 1991. The prophecy is significant because it says that at the time of this conflict, Moshiach (the Messiah) will be revealed. At the time of the Gulf War, the Rebbe made many public statements, among them outright prophecies that were immediately confirmed in a wondrous way. For example, while Israel was gearing up for attacks by Saddam Hussein, the Rebbe was saying "Israel is the safest place in the world." This  was hard to understand when the news began reporting scud missile attacks. Yet, wonder of wonders, not one of these missiles launched against Israel exploded. As if to underscore the miracle, a scud fired into an American army barrack in Saudi Arabia killed 28 and wounded 100. Further when a Jewish army chaplin came before the Rebbe to ask for a blessing to bring a Megillah to the coalition forces in Iraq, the Rebbe told him there was no need for it. Indeed, as the Rebbe foresaw, the war was over by Purim. 

Later that year, during the Jewish holidays (Sukkos,1991) the Rebbe made the following remarks which are relevant today:

'In the present year, we have already begun to see the first stages of - and surely, the climate is set for - even greater wonders. The entire world is gripped with pregnant anticipation of the future. Our Sages spoke clearly of such an era. To quote Yalkut Shimoni:[5]
In the year that Mashiach will be revealed, nations will challenge one another. The King of Paras will challenge an Arab king... and the entire world will panic and will be stricken with consternation.... Israel will also panic and will be confounded.
This ominous situation, however, contains the potential for good, indeed, the ultimate good, as the Midrash continues:
[G-d] will tell them: "My children, have no fear. Whatever I have done, I have done only for your sake. Why are you afraid? Have no fear; the time for your redemption has arrived!" Mashiach will stand on the roof of the Beis HaMikdash* and proclaim, "Humble ones: The time for your redemption has arrived!"**
* The Rebbe explains that the "roof of the Beis Hamikdosh (Holy Temple)," does not have the sanctity of the Temple itself. Thus this is telling us that Moshiach will announce the Redemption from a place of lesser sanctity, outside the land of Israel, from Moshiach's place in the diaspora.

** In 1991 the Rebbe announced that the time of the Redemption has arrived. (Public address on the Torah portion, "Judges," Deuteronomy, August 25, 1991.

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