Among the most exciting moments in this process of Redemption is watching the pieces come together. Anyone can do this. (You don't have to be a prophet!) Just by being an observer of the human scene,...current events, talk radio, internet news and daily experiences,--all this can be eye-opening about how the Rebbe's prophecy is being fulfilled.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scientific breakthrough: new non-invasive imaging system

When the gates of wisdom above open up (mystical secrets of the Torah), and the gates below open up (science/technology), this heralds the Messianic Era. - Kabbalah

As the wellsprings of Chassidus spread via Chabad-Lubavitch centers throughout the world, technology keeps pace with remarkable new inventions. Now we can look into the body without hurting it in any way, not even via radiation. Israeli scientists use vibrations to record accurate and detailed images of the lung. Heart is next.

The FDA recently approved a groundbreaking new non-invasive, radiation-free lung imaging system created by Deep Breeze, Ltd, an
Israeli company in Or Akiva. It is viewed by some as a most
important breakthrough innovation.  

Please click here for 2 minute video:

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