Among the most exciting moments in this process of Redemption is watching the pieces come together. Anyone can do this. (You don't have to be a prophet!) Just by being an observer of the human scene,...current events, talk radio, internet news and daily experiences,--all this can be eye-opening about how the Rebbe's prophecy is being fulfilled.

Monday, October 30, 2017

East Jerusalem Arab Mukhtar: We Want Live To Under Israel, Not PA

According to Torah wisdom, in the end of days the nations will come to see that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews and they will give it willingly. You can already see this starting to happen. There is a "different wind" blowing in the Middle East. Alliances between the Arabs and Jews keep developing. Within Israel itself, there are Arabs who openly say they prefer to be governed by Israel and not any other Arab faction. Recently, an organization, United With Israel, published an interview from Israeli Channel 20 with an Arab chief in East Jerusalem. He openly acknowledged that the majority of his fellows prefer to live in peace under Israel.

"The truth is...we don't believe in the PA."
"We identify with the Israeli side."
"The truth is we want to live in peace and most people, 90%, want to live under the state of Israel."
                    - Ramadan Dabbash, East Jerusalem

Transcript of Israel Channel 20 Interview, Oct 6, 2017

Interviewer: So what do you want?
Dabbash:  We want to stay with the blue (Israeli) identification.
Interviewer: Yes...
Dabbash: In East Jerusalem.
Interviewer: Yes...
Dabbash: To live in East Jerusalem under the state of Israel...Until the state of Israel takes responsibility for East Jerusalem, not like they left us in the past. Now the PA did not succeed in the territories, and also they won't succeed in East Jerusalem.
Interviewer: You don't believe in the PA?
Dabbash: We..the truth is, you're asking me as a private individual because we don't believe in the PA.
Interviewer: Okay. That's interesting. I want to ask you personally, with whom do you identify with more, the Israeli side or "Palestinian" side?
Dabbash: We identify with the Israeli side, and you can see this in our everyday life. Even if you ask anybody in East Jerusalem if they are willing to give up their blue ID and change to the orange "Palestinian" ID, nobody wants to give up their blue ID.
Interviewer: When you see riots in the streets of East Jerusalem, people throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails, how do you react to things like that? They aim toward our security forces.
Dabbash: I'll tell you, there are many who don't want that but most people are scared to speak out, to go on television and condemn.
Interviewer: Yes..
Dabbash: They're scared of impossible threats from the other rulers. The truth is we want to live in peace and most`people, 90%, want to live under the state of Israel.

United With Israel, 10/9/17
The Global Movement for Israel

The head of a Palestinian village in Jerusalem says almost all of the city’s Arabs would prefer to live peacefully under Israeli administration.
Palestinian leaders often claim that they would like to take a less confrontational stance against Israel but are afraid of “losing” the “Palestinian street.”
A new interview with a local Palestinian politician in an eastern Jerusalem Arab neighborhood indicates the opposite to be true: The average Palestinian wants to come home from work and eat dinner with his or her family rather than hearing that their child has become a “martyr” in a violent attack against Israelis.
It is the Palestinian leaders who destroy the chances for peace with non-stop incitement of Palestinian youth, diversion of funds to terror and a resultant lack of economic growth in Palestinian-controlled areas.

Jerusalem village head Ramadan Dabbash goes as far as to say that living under Israeli rule is preferable to living under the Palestinian Authority. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hurricanes Open Channel for Goodness and Kindness.

It gives hope to recall the Previous Rebbe's prophecy about disasters through water in the days of Moshiach. (http://redemptionwatch.blogspot.com/2012/10/prophecy-of-raging-waters-in-days-of.html) The purpose of these disasters was to bring nations to a recognition and awe of G-d. But something else emerges in the recent stories of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas, and Hurricane Irma in Florida. Extraordinary acts of kindness broke through the normal reserves of people, opening up a channel to give unstintingly to others. One young man who helped serve meals for hundreds said, “You can’t imagine what an amazing feeling it is to help someone in their time of need.”

Even animals were well-treated in the storm. In Houston, one man found a 10 foot alligator in his living room. He and helpers tried to lasso it. Then specialists arrived. One jumped on his back, taped his jaws shut, and the men carried it out to be transported to a wildlife sanctuary.

Here are snippets from news stories:

Operation BBQ Relief pulls into Houston to comfort, nourish with smoked meat (Greg Morago, Houston Chronicle, Aug. 30, 2017)
Some OperationBBQRelief Volunteers with reporter. They served
 over 300,000 meals to first responders, military, and Houston residents.
Operation BBQ Relief (is) a non-profit organization comprised of competition barbecue enthusiasts who respond to natural disasters by hauling in their smokers and churning out hot barbecue meals. Members of the organization - coming from Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, Louisiana and other regions of Texas - began making their way to Houston Sunday and Monday,…
On Wednesday morning they began turning a large parking lot into a barbecue village with about 30 volunteers, which by the end of the week organizers expected would grow to 100. Operation BBQ Relief co-founder Stan Hays of Kansas City, Mo., said his crew will be in Houston for two, possibly three weeks and is prepared to serve more than half a million meals to police, first responders, emergency volunteers and evacuees.

When 911 Is Overwhelmed, Americans Keep Each Other Afloat
A rescue underway in a flooded area of Houston after Harvey
I told the man in the boat that we were paramedics trying to reach a patient. ‘Get in,’ he said.  Mark Yost, Wall St. Journal, Aug. 30, 2017
During a typical day, my suburb’s 911 communications center has maybe 14 calls outstanding at any one time. On this day there were more than 700. To help out, the National Guard had deployed its rescue boats, but they were kept busy shuttling into neighborhoods and evacuating as many stranded families as they could.
So we hitched a ride with a civilian, one of the army of volunteers who showed up to help. He drove us into knee-deep water in his Super Duty pickup to a rendezvous with a 12-foot flat-bottomed boat that was bringing a family of six to dry ground. The boat belonged to a guy in his 40s and his dad. I asked if they would take us into the apartment complex. That’s when the dad inquired whether I was carrying a gun.
“Do I need one?” I asked.
“You might,” he said. “Last time we went in there, we had to fight off some guys who tried to take our boat.”
I told him we were trying to reach a 911 call.
“Get in,” he said.

Los Angeles Fire Department gets some Texas hospitality
Los Angeles Swift Water Rescue Team was one of several dispatched from Southern California to help Harvey victims.

Phoenix O'Connor, NewsWest9, Midland, TX, Sept. 6, 2017
"At about 10 p.m., the Los Angeles County Swift Water Team showed up in Midland, they were headed back home," said Captain Bryce Pruitt with the Midland Fire Department.
Well, we should say almost home. 
"We were planning on spending the night in El Paso, Texas, and when we got the call we were being re-deployed into Hurricane Irma," said Assistant Chief Steve Hissong with the Los Angeles Fire Department. 
The Los Angeles crew has spent more than 12 days helping people be rescued from the flooded waters in Houston. Without a doubt, the Midland Central station showed a little Texas hospitality. 
 "We put their equipment up for the night, and gave them rides back to the Doubletree where they slept in a good bed. Then we invited them back to central this (Wednesday) morning to feed them before they get back on the road to Alabama," said Hissong. 
The 24 Los Angeles crew members, now with their bellies full, are ready to take on their next challenge.

Seattle Fire Department Facebook Page, Sept. 9, 2017

Twenty five Seattle Firefighters who are members of Washington Task Force 1 are headed to Florida as part of a Type 1 Task Force deployment to help those impacted by Hurricane Irma. This task force consists of 80 personnel from around the Puget Sound region. Mark Larsen is leading the Task Force. We also have an additional firefighter who is helping with assigning incoming resources to the most impacted areas.

Seattle has an agreement with the Miami Fire Department where their firefighters can use Seattle’s Fire Alarm Center as an out-of-area contact to communicate with their families should local telephone lines stop working.

Florida is in our thoughts during these devastating times.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Activist Seeks to Ban Islam in Poland.

A young woman has gone public in her native Poland to ban Islam. Miriam Shaded is founder of the Estera (Esther) Foundation which rescues Christian refugees from Syria. As a candidate from a right-wing political party, she ran for election to the Polish parliament. Ms. Shaded has made waves with her outspoken "zero tolerance" for Islam. She has appeared on Polish television on a panel including a Christian and Muslim cleric and has not faltered in her position that Islam should be outlawed. Her quotes from the Qur'an support her assertions that Islam advocates violence against non-believers.  She says the biography of Muhammed reveals that he was a corrupt personality whom no one should follow. A translation from her Facebook page reads: "I am looking for a lawyer that is an expert in winning big cases in Poland and perhaps in the EU, that would help me to win the case on banning Islam as a totalitarian system and the Koran as hate speech, incitement of violence and legitimization of crimes."

"(Muhammed) really isn't a person worth imitating....same as we do not want people to be taught to imitate Stalin or Hitler."
                                                  - Miriam Shaded, human rights activist and critic of Islam

Miriam Shaded, human rights activist who seeks to ban Islam in Poland.
Excerpts from a video on Israel Video Network

Interviewer: There are many voices that say Islam in itself is not evil but it is interpreted in the wrong way, or that it is distorted by these Islamist extremists and jihadis.

Ms. Shaded: That's (not true). That's one of those lies which Muslims sell us and want us to believe in so that they can keep propagating jihad and keep murdering and conquering other regions. There are 164 verses in the Qur'an calling for murder or calling for jihad. There is a direct promise, a promise of salvation and eternal life and a higher reward for those who fight in the name of Allah. There are precise instructions on how to kill infidels. They are openly written there.

And Islam is also an ideology that is not subject to any interpretation. If you start discussing with it, or if you start having a different opinion than what is written there in Allah's words, then it means you are an infidel or apostate. And you also have to fear death. So the whole topic is not subject to any discussion. And what Muslims officially say is just their use of Taqlyya (when a Muslim is allowed to lie under Sharia law), for the purpose of fooling the non-believers.

Also there is Muhammed. He is their idol to be imitated by everyone. I also keep encouraging everyone to read Muhammed's biography. He killed 900. They estimate he killed between 600- 900 people. He also broke agreements. He married a six year old,....So he was also a pedofile. And he really isn't a person worth imitating. And same as we do not want people to be taught to imitate Stalin or Hitler. In the same way, I think, we do not want the people, seeing all these consequences, to imitate Muhammed.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Switzerland Stops Funds to Arab Center With Terrorist Ties

"Swiss foreign policy is not credible if it supports organizations that don’t recognize - and even boycott - the existence, the sovereignty, and the democracy of the State of Israel." Swiss MP Christian Imark

Switzerland follows Denmark, Norway and Holland in stopping funds to an Arab organization that has ties to a youth terror center. Given Swiss backing for anti-Israel terrorists, this is a significant first step toward admitting that "Palestinian" "humanitarian" organizations are just a cloak for murdering Jews and ending the Jewish state. Switzerland has yet to acknowledge that Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorists. They have donated millions to entities sworn to the annihilation of Israel. The sum of money withheld here is a paltry $36,000. Still, its a beginning. The bill to withhold funds was introduced in the Swiss parliament by MP Christian Imark. In pressing the Swiss Lower Council to pass the bill, he said, "Swiss foreign policy is not credible if it supports organizations that don’t recognize - and even boycott - the existence, the sovereignty, and the democracy of the State of Israel."
MP Christian Imark introduced bill in Swiss Parliament to stop
funding "humanitarian" causes that incite terrorism against Israel.

National Council in Switzerland where bill originated to ban funds for terror, hatred, and anti-Semitism.

Jerusalem Post                            


The Human Rights International Humanitarian Law Secretariat failed to cut its ties to terrorist organizations.

The Swiss Foreign Ministry announced that it  suspended funds and support for the Ramallah-based Palestinian NGO Human Rights International Humanitarian Law Secretariat because the organization failed to cut ties to terrorism, according to a Sunday report in the Swiss newspaper Sonntags Zeitung.
 “This is an important first step in NGO funding accountability by the Swiss Foreign Ministry, and reflects the recent legislation on this issue,” Prof. Gerald Steinberg, the president of the Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor, told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

“In halting payment to WATC [Women Affairs Technical Committee], the Swiss follow similar moves by Denmark and Holland. The radical Palestinian NGO is one of many funded by these countries through the Ramallah-based Human Rights Secretariat, with an annual budget of $4 million,” he added.

He asserted that “a number of the recipients are affiliated with the PFLP terror organization.

Having now frozen WATC funding, the question is whether the Swiss federal government will seriously reexamine participation in the very problematic secretariat mechanism, and in other frameworks that misuse tax money under the facade of human rights and peace.”

The Human Rights International Humanitarian Law Secretariat provides funds to the WATC, which named a youth center after a Palestinian terrorist.

Critics of the secretariat say it glorifies Palestinian terrorism.

The Palestinian NGO also receives funds from Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden.

The Swiss Foreign Ministry said its internal investigation showed that it did not directly funnel money to the WATC project. The payment of $36,000 for the Palestinian NGO was suspended and a definitive decision about a continued payment will be issued.

A date for the decision was not cited in the Swiss media reports. Switzerland, which has hosted Hamas officials over the years, is not a member of the EU and has declined to outlaw Hezbollah and Hamas as terrorist entities.