Among the most exciting moments in this process of Redemption is watching the pieces come together. Anyone can do this. (You don't have to be a prophet!) Just by being an observer of the human scene,...current events, talk radio, internet news and daily experiences,--all this can be eye-opening about how the Rebbe's prophecy is being fulfilled.

Monday, August 29, 2011

"Partners in Kindness" Campaign Turns Tragedy Into Triumph

In 1991,when CNN asked the Rebbe, "What is your message to the world?," the Rebbe replied: "Moshiach (the Messiah) is ready to come now. It is only on our part to add something additional in goodness and kindness." Since that time, efforts at goodness and kindness have taken off in innumerable ways. These good deeds are critical in that they deprive evil of its energy and prepare the world for the day when there will be only good.

 Passaic man turns to peace after bomber kills pregnant wife
Suggested by habayitah.blogspot.com
Monday, June 30, 2003
By DEENA YELLIN STAFF WRITER, North Jersey Media Group
PASSAIC - When a suicide bomber plowed into Sbarro in Jerusalem, killing Steven Greenbaum's wife and unborn child, he vowed to fight back.
But he's not waging a battle with grenades or guns. Instead, the 40-year-old Passaic resident is waging a kindness crusade. An idealist by nature, Greenbaum believes that ordinary citizens can destroy terrorism through extraordinary acts of goodness.
His year-old organization, Partners in Kindness, encourages kindness through a plethora of e-mailings, lectures, posters, and contests. More than 5,000 members on six continents subscribe to Greenbaum's weekly "Kind Words" e-mails. His readers - some from as far away as Iran, Kuwait, and Japan - report their daily acts of kindness via e-mail to Greenbaum's Web site.
Repeating stories of good deeds inspires others, says Greenbaum, adding, "It's pretty contagious."
Schools, organizations, and radio programs worldwide have taken up the cause.
It has also caught on at New York City Transit, where Greenbaum works as a computer specialist. Thanks to his efforts, New York City Transit recently started a kindness public awareness campaign among employees. Greenbaum is now trying to push a "Heroes of Kindness" poster program in which posters depicting New York City Transit employees and passengers performing inspiring acts of kindness would be plastered throughout the system.

To read the complete story, please click here:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Glenn Beck Phenomenon

A combination of spirituality and show biz, Glenn Beck has captured world attention with his dazzling support of Israel and the Jewish people. He will speak the truth, no matter what, and so far, he seems to be able to shrug off the slings and arrows of  an outraged world.

 The L.A. Times (8/23 /11) reported that Glenn Beck
  •  compared the Norweigian campers killed this past summer to Hitler Youth (True: they were plotting a demonstration against Israel and in their games played Israel as evil and Arabs as the victims.)
  • accused George Soros of anti-Semitism (True: Mr. Soros supports anti-Israel causes, blames Israel for anti-Semitism, and as a boy, helped out the Nazis against his own people, for which he expresses no remorse.)
In Mr. Beck's own words, from his inspirational rally "Restoring Courage," held in Jerusalem, August 23, 2011: 

"Everything we know about human rights and real civilization came from this place, this land ... Whether you live by 613 commandments, 10 commandments, or one sweet Golden Rule, it all started here. It all started here – the throne of G-d. Israel did not come into being because of the Balfour Declaration, but because of G-d's Covenant with the Jewish people."
To see Israel National News story and video, please click here:

Monday, August 22, 2011

State of Alabama: A Supporter of Israel From The Holocaust to Today

This proclamation, several years ago, reveals a little known fact: in 1943, at the time of the Holocaust, Alabama was the first state to openly support a homeland for the Jewish people.

Deep South File :: Governor Proclaims "Stand With Israel Day" in Alabama

Former Governor of Alabama, Bob Riley

On Aug. 11, 2006, Alabama Governor Bob Riley proclaimed Aug. 14 to be "Stand With Israel Day" in Alabama.

The resolution reads:

WHEREAS, the Jewish people have been subject to acts of terror throughout their long history, including the Holocaust of the Nazi terror regime; and

WHEREAS, in 1943, in the midst of World War II, at a time of war against the Axis powers and their effort to exterminate the Jews of Europe through mass murder, Alabama led the nation as the first state in America to officially call for the establishment of a Jewish homeland; and

WHEREAS, that official call was in a unanimous Joint Resolution, Act 144, SJ 4, 1943 Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature approved and signed by the Governor of Alabama on June 10, 1943; and

WHEREAS, for more than five decades the State of Israel has been America’s chief democratic ally in the Middle East, in an alliance based on shared values and shared interests; and

WHEREAS, in the wake of September 11, 2001, the Alabama Legislature unanimously passed a second Joint Resolution, Act 258, SJR 85, 2002 Regular Session urging national support for the State of Israel and expressing Alabama’s unequivocal support for the State of Israel against the senseless acts of terror; and

WHEREAS, the State of Israel and its people remain the target of terrorist activities; and

WHEREAS, Hezbollah and Hamas terror organizations have recently launched attacks on sovereign Israeli land, killing and wounding Israeli soldiers and innocent citizens; and

WHEREAS, the State of Alabama hereby proclaims her support of the State of Israel in its need to maintain its existence as a country and a democracy, standing with Israel as a state, as a nation, and as a people against terrorism and tyranny and for the cause of freedom and democracy in the Middle East and around the world:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Bob Riley, Governor of Alabama, do hereby proclaim August 14, 2006, as "Stand With Israel Day" in the State of Alabama.

Given Under My Hand and the Great Seal of the Office of the Governor at the State Capitol in the City of Montgomery on the 11th day of August 2006.

Governor Bob Riley


Saturday, August 20, 2011

An Officer's Final Act of Kindness Before He Was Gunned Down

A tragic death promotes a simple act of kindness.

Slain Officer's Act of Kindness Caught on Video

Updated: Thursday, 18 Aug 2011, 12:57 PM PDT
Published : Thursday, 18 Aug 2011, 9:32 AM PDT
San Diego - A Southern California police officer's random act of kindness was caught on video minutes before he was gunned down.
Here's what happened.
13-year old Daveon Tinsley wanted to buy cookies at McDonalds, but he was ten cents short.
That's when he saw San Diego officer Jeremy Henwood and asked him for the ten cents.
Instead, the officer simply bought him the cookies. While they waited, Officer Henwood asked Tinsley what he wanted to be when he grew up and chatted with him.
Five minutes later, Officer Henwood walked out of the restaurant. He was ambushed and killed by a suicidal gunman.
Tinsley says Henwood, who was a also a US Marine just a tour of duty in Afghanistan, will live on as his role model and inspiration.
Officer Henwood was a organ donor. His organs were harvested hours after he was shot.
 Video recording Officer Henwood's final act of kindness:

Monday, August 15, 2011

Noahide Conference: "Let Us Unite as Righteous Gentiles in bringing forth the Messianic Era!"

With awe and amazement, all eyes can see how the 7 Laws campaign launched years ago by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the King Messiah, has penetrated the world. Below is the flyer from a recent Noahide Conference.
Jim Long, Speaker, World Noahide Conference

Noahides To Gather At World Conference
July 1-4, 2011  Dallas, Texas
Showing Solidarity With Israel

Join us in making a prophecy come alive!

"So said the Lord of Hosts: In those days, when ten men of all the languages of the nations shall take hold of the skirt of a Jewish man, saying, "Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you."     Zechariah 8:23

Let's tell the world in one loud voice that we stand with Israel!

Let us unite as Righteous Gentiles in bringing forth the Messianic Era!

These are EXCITING times to be alive!

Don't miss out - Be a part of them!

Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Head Chaplin at Oklahoma Army Base Affirms He is a Noahide.

Many years ago the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the King Messiah, began urging the Jewish people to publicize the universal moral code to the gentiles known as the 7 Noahide Laws. These laws are the basis for a just and decent world. However, like all of G-d's laws, the 7 Laws have to be observed not because they make sense rationally but because they were given by G-d. Acknowledging G-d's rulership as the Creator of the world is key. Today the Noahide movement is growing. In the story below, from Rabbi Lazer Brody's blog, "Lazer Beams," a U.S. army chaplin, responsible for an army base with nearly 70,000 personnel, affirms that he is a Noahide.

"...having your own intimate relationship with G-d brought me to reevaluate everything I’ve been taught from childhood and Divinity School on up. So I tried personal prayer. Today I can’t live without it. As a result, I left Christianity and became a Noahide.”
 - Major Jimmy W., Head Chaplin,  Fort Sill

Righteous Warrior

Outside, it was 103F in the shade. The car was speeding down and the arrow-straight highway from Oklahoma City to Dallas, where Breslev Israel’s general director Yosef Nechama, our program director David Reckles and I were on our way to spend the July 4th weekend as guests of the World Noahide Conference in Irving Texas.

Our host in Oklahoma, Lazer Green, looked at his watch: “We have plenty of time before Shabbat. The base clergymen at Fort Sill asked me several times to stop by the base on the way to Dallas.”

Yosef Nechama said, “Tell them we’re on the way.”

Fort Sill received us like visiting royalty. Captain (Rabbi) Boaz, a former paratrooper in Iraq who is now on his way to Afghanistan, ushered us to a table (in Fort Sill!) with his wife’s home-baked challas, glatt-kosher milk products, and loads of fruits and veggies, just what Israelis like to eat. After hearing about the spiritual life of American Jewish soldiers from Rabbi Boaz, another officer arrived: Major Jimmy, the head chaplain at Fort Sill.

From left: Captain Boaz V., Jewish chaplain at Fort Sill, Oklahoma; Rabbi Lazer Brody; Major Jimmy W., head chaplain, Fort Sill

Major Jimmy and his wife Elizabeth surprised us with their amazing knowledge of all our emuna books and CDs. Together, they’ve been on a spiritual journey that has brought them in the lap of “Moses’s Torah, with no new additions,” as Major Jimmy says.

“We’ve become complete Noahides, and then some. We’ve taken upon ourselves to refrain from eating forbidden foods – if it’s healthy for a Jewish soul, it’s certainly beneficial for us too.”

Major Jimmy then told us about the frightening day several months ago when killer tornadoes were ripping through Oklahoma. “One was heading straight for our house. Elizabeth and I wanted to do something fast – we decided that it’d be a good idea to get all the pork out of our house. We did – and fast. The tornado ripped our town apart but when it got our street, it took a sharp turn to the right. We didn’t even lose a shingle on the roof.”

I asked Major Jimmy what started his spiritual rethinking.

To read more, please click here:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Miracle! Drowned Boy Comes Back to Life. Did Prayer Help?

Dramatic Rescue: Boy Revived After Being Dead for 20 Minutes...

From photojournalist Damian Mulinix
"This is by far the most amazing story I have ever been a part of. I'm still awestruck as I write this,
but I am so very happy to be able to tell it.
(please go to link below)
Dramatic rescue: Boy revived after being sucked out to sea

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dutch Parliamentary Leader Stands Up to Islam And Wins

These days, when someone stands up for what is right according to the values of Western Civilization, it is no mean feat. Geert Wilders, a leader in the Dutch Parliament, has continually put himself on the line to say the truth about Islam and what this religion portends for decent, rightminded people. In 2009 he was briefly banned from entering England and indicted by a Dutch court for "incitement." He has continually exposed Islam though his speeches and his movie, "Fitna," for the cruel and violent religion that it is. He is truly a hero for our time. Recently a Dutch court acquitted him of all charges.

Dutch Parliamentary Leader Geert Wilders
Dutch extreme-right and anti-Islam lawmaker acquitted
Updated: 24/Jun/2011 07:09
Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders sits in court in Amsterdam.

AMSTERDAM (AFP )---An Amsterdam court Thursday acquitted Dutch extreme-right and anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders on charges of hate speech and discrimination for statements he made attacking Islam.
"You are being acquitted on all the charges that were put against you," Judge Marcel van Oosten told Wilders.
"The bench finds that your statements are acceptable within the context of the public debate," Judge van Oosten told Wilders, 47, who has been on trial in the Amsterdam regional court since last October.
The flamboyant 47-year-old MP faced five counts of hate speech and discrimination for his anti-Islamic remarks on websites, Internet forums and in Dutch newspapers between October 2006 and March 2008, and in his controversial 17-minute movie "Fitna" ("Discord" in Arabic).
Wilders, whose PVV party gives parliamentary support to a right-leaning Dutch coalition, said had demanded his acquittal, saying he was "defending freedom" in the Netherlands.
He said: "I defend the character, the identity, the culture and the freedom of the Netherlands."
He went on trial for criticizing Islam and notably likening the Koran to Hitler's "Mein Kampf".
"I am obliged to speak, because the Netherlands is under threat of Islam," he said, adding "Islam is opposed to freedom."

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Gentile Longs for the Holy Temple? Yes!

Camie Davis, Temple Now blog

Saturday, July 23, 2011 

Renegade Hearts

The first time I realized it was when my brother-in-law died tragically and unexpectedly a few days before his daughter was born. I realized that I would never be 100% happy again. How could I be, knowing my brother-in-law’s wife, son, and daughter would always bear the pain of his death? I knew even in the happiest moments of my life, a corner of my heart would be sad for what was now so sorely missing in the world.

That was many years ago. Since then I have sadly, as we all have, been privy to other tragic moments in life. Whether watching family or friends go through painful situations or by becoming more aware as an adult of how heavy laden the world is with tragedy, I often wonder how the world keeps going. That the world doesn’t simply implode due to the weight of sorrow it bears is surprising to me. Especially since the world has endured the heaviest weight of sorrow for almost 2000 years.

I didn’t realize it was missing. The Temple that is. Well, I take that back. I knew that the Temple was missing. What I didn’t realize for so long was that it matteredthat the Temple was missing. But a renegade rabbi I was privileged to meet changed that.

The rabbi is a renegade because he has broken away from the lamenting pack. Not that the lamenting pack shouldn't be admired. As Napoleon once said, after hearing the sounds of Jews mourning and then being told what they mourned for was lost 1700 years ago, “Certainly a people which has mourned the loss of their Temple for so long, will merit to see it rebuilt!"

Let’s just say that the renegade rabbi isn’t nearly as impressed as Napoleon was with the mourning anymore. Echoing the words of a prophet, the rabbi beckons those who mourn to “Awaken, awaken! Don your strength! Arise and shine for your light has arrived!” The rabbi’s renegade logic makes sense. At least it does to me. Logic says that if the Jews really miss the Temple that much, they would get up from their mourning and build another one. Today.
Please cllick here for complete story:

"The G-d of Israel is the One and Only G-d.." Pastor Mark Biltz

In the final Redemption, the nations of the world will come to realize that their ancestors endowed them with a false heritage. They will realize that the One G-d is the G-d of Israel, the G-d of the Jewish people. As per the directive of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the King Messiah, the Jewish people have stepped up their efforts to publicize the 7 Universal Laws, called the 7 Noahide Laws, to the gentiles. These laws are their mission and their role in preparing the world for the Redemption. Although there is still much confusion, the idea of the Redemption is permeating the world. In America, churches have organized a show of support for Israel. 

An upcoming event in churches across the U.S. will honor the Torah. In the words of Pastor Mark Blitz:  "...Christians will literally be joining a chorus of voices proclaiming on earth and to the heavens that the G-d of Israel is the One and Only G-d and that we are to love Him above all others!!

Churches to Read Torah as Others Read Koran

Countering a move by churches across USA that read from the Koran, other churches prepare to read Torah.
by Gil Ronen
Published: 08/08/11, 12:43 AM - Israel National News

Dutch Christians Visiting Itamar
Dutch Christians Visiting Itamar
Churches in the U.S. are preparing to read sections of the Torah on Sunday, August 13, in a show of solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people.
The move is a response to an initiative by a group of churches that read from the Muslim Koran during their services on Sunday, June 26. According to the Faith Shared project, which initiated the Koran reading, 66 churches from 32 states joined that effort.
In an effort to counter the move, a grassroots movement of churches across America is preparing to read from sections of the Torah during their services.
According to Pastor Mark Biltz, one of the pastors leading the move, while Jewish communities around the world read the Shema prayer, Christian communities will join them in solidarity. “There is a special bond between Jews and Christians, as both hold as the greatest commandment to love the L-rd their G-d with all their heart," Pastor Biltz explained. "So I’ve also posted the Shema in as many languages as I could find on our website so everyone could see it.
“I am asking in a show of solidarity with the G-d of Israel, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that churches/organizations join together in one accord and read from the Torah during their Saturday/Sunday services this coming August 13 and 14,” he wrote.
Biltz went on to say that "The suggested reading from this Torah portion is the greatest commandment, found in Deuteronomy 6:4-9, that we love the Lord with all our heart, soul and strength."
The pastor is referring to the verses after the one-line Shema prayer. The reading will obviously not be from a parchment hand-written Torah scroll.
"It is known in Judaism as the Shema and begins with asking Israel to hear and obey the Lord and realize He is the one and only G-d. This date was chosen because the Jewish people all over the world will be reading that portion on that weekend. SoChristians will literally be joining a chorus of voices proclaiming on earth and to the heavens that the G-d of Israel is the One and Only G-d and that we are to love Him above all others!! This weekend also is the weekend right after the Ninth of Av and begins the readings of speaking comfort to Jerusalem."

To read more, please click here: