Among the most exciting moments in this process of Redemption is watching the pieces come together. Anyone can do this. (You don't have to be a prophet!) Just by being an observer of the human scene,...current events, talk radio, internet news and daily experiences,--all this can be eye-opening about how the Rebbe's prophecy is being fulfilled.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Change in Consciousness? Arab Leader to Recognize Israel, Admits the Holocaust.

By Batsheva Sobelman
April 27, 2014, 9:34 a.m.
JERUSALEM -- At a time when the Middle East peace process appears stymied, Israel received an unexpected olive branch when Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas denounced the Holocaust and expressed sympathy with its victims.
“What happened to the Jews in the Holocaust is the most heinous crime known by mankind in modern times,” said Abbas, according to a statement published Sunday by the Palestinian government news agency WAFA.
Abbas expressed sympathy for the families who died at the hands of the Nazis and called the world to “safeguard the oppressed and weak wherever they are found.” The Palestinians, “still oppressed and denied freedom and peace,” are the first to stand up for those facing such crimes, he said.
The Palestinian leader made his comments in response to a question last week during a meeting with Marc Schneier, an American rabbi promoting interfaith understanding.
Abbas’ comments were made public Sunday as Israel is set to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day starting Sunday evening. It was the strongest language about the Holocaust ever used by the Palestinian president, who has been branded as a Holocaust denier by Israeli officials in the past. 
One Palestinian educator's efforts to increase awareness of the subject met with sharp criticism, underscoring the sensitivity of potential Palestinian acknowledgment. 
Last month, professor Mohammed Dajani of Al-Quds university in Jerusalem took a group of students to visit the site of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland, causing an online uproar that prompted the university to make clear the trip was not an official activity.

Despite the criticism, Dajani stood by his decision. It was a "moral imperative" to recognize the Holocaust as an historic fact and important to learn it to "understand the psyche" of the other side, he told Israeli media.
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BY MARISSA NEWMAN April 24, 2014, 11:01 pm Updated: April 25, 2014
New PA government to recognize Israel, Abbas reportedly says.

UN envoy claims PA president told him joint leadership would renounce violent struggle and adhere to previous agreements.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has said that the unity agreement between his Fatah movement and Gaza’s Hamas rulers will be founded on the PLO’s commitments, including recognition of Israel, renunciation of violence, and acceptance of previous agreements, the United Nations’ peace envoy said Thursday night after meeting with Abbas.

In a conversation with Robert Serry in Ramallah, Abbas said that the agreement would be implemented under the PA president’s leadership “and on the basis of the PLO commitments,” Serry’s office said in a statement.

“President Abbas emphasized that these commitments include recognition of Israel, nonviolence, and adherence to previous agreements. President Abbas also reiterated his continued commitment to peace negotiations and to nonviolent popular protests,” the statement said.
Earlier Thursday, Jibril Rajoub, a Fatah leader, told AFP that “the next national consensus government will proclaim loud and clear that it accepts the Quartet’s conditions.”
The Middle East Quartet — the European Union, the United Nations, Russia and the United States — has long demanded that Hamas recognize Israel and existing agreements between Israel and the PLO, and renounce violence.

Sheikh Hassan Yousef, one of Hamas’s founders and still a prominent figure in the West Bank, told The Times of Israel on Thursday that reconciliation with Fatah ”will serve everyone: the Palestinians and even the peace process.
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