Among the most exciting moments in this process of Redemption is watching the pieces come together. Anyone can do this. (You don't have to be a prophet!) Just by being an observer of the human scene,...current events, talk radio, internet news and daily experiences,--all this can be eye-opening about how the Rebbe's prophecy is being fulfilled.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Muslims Fantasize Jews Will Set Off Earthquake To Rebuild the Temple.

“And on that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives which is before Jerusalem to the east, and the Mount of Olives will split along the middle from east to west so that there shall be a very great valley; half of the mountain will move to the north and half of it to the south….you will flee as you fled from the earthquake in the days of Uzziah,  king of Judah….” Zechariah, Chapter 14

The Arabs cannot stop thinking about the Holy Temple. First the scholars and Mufti at the Al Aqsa mosque warned the Arab world that the Jews are planning to build the Third Temple (see RedemptionWatch posts, 1/9/13, 9/11/13.) Now the terrorist organization Hamas has sounded the call for a “national militia” to guard the mosque
from an “artificial earthquake,” manufactured by the Jews, that will allow the Temple to be rebuilt.

Thinking about the Holy Temple is nothing new for the Jewish people, who pray for its restoration three times a day.

In this the era of Redemption, it’s good that many are anticipating this major milestone in human history when “from Zion will go forth the Torah and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.”

(Isaiah 2:3)

Israel National News
Suggested by B. Epstein
Hamas: Israel Engineering an Earthquake Attack on Al-Aqsa
Hamas Min. of Religious Affairs warns Israel is trying to collapse Al-Aqsa Mosque with 'artificial earthquake' to build 3rd Temple.
By Dalit Halevi, Ari Yashar
First Publish: 12/12/2013, 9:34 PM 
Western Wall and mosque, covered in snow in

 Jerusalem, Friday, Dec. 13, 2013. (AP Photo/Dusan Vranic)

Ismail Radwan, Minister of Religious Affairs in Gaza's Hamas government, claims that Israel is trying to cause an artificial earthquake to totally collapse the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. According to Radwan, Israel is attempting to do so to establish the Third Temple.
The comments came at an event organized by female students of the College for Professional Applied Sciences. In response to the supposed "earthquake attack," Radwan called for a general national enlistment to the military, and to support the mosque by having fixed presence at the site.
Radwan said through repeated Jewish access to the Temple Mount, as well as "excavations and criminal acts," the Israeli "occupation" has "arrived at the stage of accustoming Palestinians, Arabs and Muslim to accept the existing reality so as to implement their goals to destroy the mosque and build the supposed Temple."
The minister blamed peace talks and security arrangements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) as providing cover for the "criminal acts" on the Temple Mount.
Regardless of Hamas's fantastic scenarios, Israel is facing a real earthquake danger. In October, the Home Front Minister MK Gilad Erdan (Likud) warned that a major earthquake is looming that could potentially kill 7,000 Israelis.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Israeli Minister Confronts CNN: "You cannot 'occupy' your own home."

When confronted by CNN with the term “the occupied West Bank,” Economics Minister Naftali Bennett responded, “You cannot ‘occupy’ your own home.” Although Bennett proved his point by holding up a 2000 year old Jewish coin discovered in the Holy Land, the Jews' claim to Israel is far deeper than an archeological find. The Bible recounts how the patriarch Abraham paid full price, --and even overpaid, for Hebron, widely acknowledged as the cradle of Jewish civilization. Ancient maps of Israel show that the West Bank belonged to the tribes of Yehuda, Benjamin, Ephraim and Manasseh.

Even from the most narrow point of view, --that of  military ethics, the West Bank belongs to Israel which
captured it from the Arabs in a defensive war.

"A nation that attacks another and then retains the territory it conquers is an occupier. One that gains territory in the course of defending itself is not in the same category." - The Jewish Federations of North America

However you look at it, there is one incontrovertible truth: the destiny of the land of Israel is inextricably bound with the Jewish people. The more this is clarified, the more the Redemption will be revealed.

Also, Minister Bennett pointed to the absurdity of creating an Arab state in the heart of Israel.

Naftali Bennett, Economy Minister, Israel
“I think trying to enforce [an] artificial state in the heart of Israel, in Jerusalem, is a grave mistake.”  - Economics Minister Naftali Bennett to CNN

Israel National News
By Elad Benari, 11/19/2013

Bennett: One Cannot Occupy His Own Home

Economy Minister responds to CNN's Christiane Amanpour who asked about Israeli construction in the "occupied West Bank."

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home/Bayit Yehudi) on Monday pointed out in an interview on CNN that there is no such thing as “Israeli occupation” in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem.
Bennett was asked by Christiane Amanpour to comment on HousingMinister Uri Ariel’s decision last week to issue tenders for 20,000 new homes in Judea and Samaria.
When Amanpour, however, used the term “occupied West Bank” in her question, Bennett held up a coin which, he pointed out, was “used by Jews 2,000 years ago in the state of Israel.”

Amanpour tried to interrupt Bennett by saying that “occupied West Bank” was “an international term” but Bennett continued, “I don’t accept it. This coin, which says in Hebrew ‘freedom of Zion’ was used by Jews 2,000 years ago in the state of Israel, in what you call ‘occupied’”.
“One cannot occupy his own home,” stressed Bennett. 
Map of Ancient Israel

He also reiterated once again that he opposes the so-called “two-state solution”.
“I think trying to enforce [an] artificial state in the heart of Israel, in Jerusalem, is a grave mistake,” Bennett declared.
“If the Palestinians want peace they have to do one simple thing: Recognize Israel as the Jewish homeland. That’s all. But if they don’t do that, if they don’t recognize Israel as the Jewish homeland, they can’t expect peace,” he told Amanpour.
In the same interview, Bennett warned that a bad nuclear deal between Iran and world powers “will lead to war.”
“There’s no one who wants a war less than us,” he emphasized. “However, it’s one of those cases where a bad deal will lead to a war, and a good deal with actually prevent war.”
A good deal, Bennett said, would be one that “dismantles the nuclear weapon production machine.”

January 5, 2012, 
The Lede --blog by Robert Mackey, NY Times
Santorum Insists West Bank Is ‘Part of Israel’

Following Rick Santorum’s sudden rise to prominence in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, new attention has been paid to his views on foreign policy issues, which apparently include a firm conviction that the West Bank is “part of Israel.”
Writing in The Jewish Week on Monday, Douglas Bloomfield reminded readers that Mr. Santorum told a man in Iowa six weeks ago that “all the people that live in the West Bank are Israelis. They’re not Palestinians — there is no Palestinian — this is Israeli land.”
A video of the exchange, which was recorded by CNN, shows that Mr. Santorum responded to a question about whether or not Israel “should dismantle its settlements” by suggesting that the West Bank was as much a part of Israel as Texas and New Mexico are part of the United States. The entire territory, Mr. Santorum added, “is legitimately Israeli country,” so Israelis “have a right to build things based upon their ownership of that land.”
The candidate said much the same thing in June, when he attended a Republican Jewish Coalition event in Iowa. Weighing in on the debate over Israel’s 1967 borders, Mr. Santorum said then: “I think this is really important to understand: that Israel’s neighbors attacked Israel. Israel responded to those attacks and in so responding was able to take ground that gave them more of a defensible posture vis-à-vis future attacks — the Golan Heights and the West Bank in particular.”