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Monday, June 23, 2014

Arab Israeli Teen in Pro-Israel video: "Bring Back Our Kids."

He says, “Am Yisroel Chai”! The Jewish nation lives! This from the mouth of a courageous Arab teen who publicizes his loyalty to Israel. Something new!

“To those terrorists who have kidnapped our kids, bring them back. And you better bring them back now. To Bibi, our prime minister and his government, wake up and stop cooperating with terrorists."  - Mohammad Zoabi

Times of Israel
Israeli Arab teen slams kidnapping

Police arrest 3 relatives of Mohammad Zoabi, 17,
who posted pro-Israel video; MK Hanin Zoabi, another relative, says kidnappers
aren’t terrorists
BY GAVRIEL FISKE June 17, 2014, 11:50

Police arrested three men Tuesday for threatening
their relative, an Arab Israeli teen who, in a strikingly pro-Israel video
posted online, wraps himself in an Israeli flag and expresses solidarity
with three kidnapped Israeli youths.

In the video, uploaded to YouTube earlier this
week, 17-year-old Mohammad Zoabi of Nazareth called for the release of the
three teens, affirmed his own identity as an Israeli, and urged Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop negotiating with Palestinian terrorists.

Another relative, the controversial MK Hanin
Zoabi (Balad), distanced herself from his comments Tuesday and said that,
contrary to his assertion, the kidnappers were “not terrorists.”
“Three members of a Nazareth family were arrested
on suspicion of threatening to harm a son from the family, 17, after he showed
solidarity for the three kidnapped youths in a movie uploaded to a social
network,” the police said in a statement.
The three who were arrested range in age from 40
to 60, and the youth’s mother was also called in for questioning, the Ynet
news site reported. Due to the nature of the threats against him, police and
the Ministry of Education decided to place a security detail on Zoabi and
around his high school, Army Radio reported.
Zoabi is a member of an extended clan in
Nazareth. Hanin Zoabi on Tuesday said Mohammad Zoabi was a “stupid and
sad” case who has a “distorted identity.”

In Mohammad Zoabi’s latest video — he has posted
before to express his Zionist sentiments – he stated, speaking in English,
Hebrew and Arabic: “To those terrorists who have kidnapped our kids, bring them
back. And you better bring them back now. To Bibi, our prime minister and his
government, wake up and stop cooperating with terrorists. The Palestinian
Authority is the biggest terrorist."
“Yesterday, or two days ago, three Israeli
kids were kidnapped,” he continued. “Tomorrow it could be me, you, or any other
Israeli. Our enemies don’t separate between Arabs or Jews living in Israel. For
them we are all one; for them we are all Israelis. And you know what, I am
proud about that, I am an Israeli and I will remain an Israeli. And again, you
better bring them back. Israel is here to exist as a Jewish and as a democratic
Zoabi then displayed an Israeli flag and
said “Am Yisrael Chai,” the common Hebrew phrase meaning “The Jewish
nation lives.”
The video has garnered thousands of responses
online, many of them extremely negative, offensive and threatening.
The video was also posted by pro-Israeli sites, where it has been heavily
Eyal Yifrach, 19, Naftali Frankel, 16, and Gil-ad
Shaar, 16, were kidnapped late Thursday night south of Jerusalem. They were
last seen at a hitchhiking post in the Etzion bloc at around 10 p.m.. The
Israeli government has pointed the finger at Hamas and said that it holds the
Palestinian Authority responsible for their well-being.
Since the kidnapping Israel has been conducting a
massive manhunt in the West Bank and has arrested some 200 Palestinians,
including dozens of senior Hamas members.
Speaking to Radio Tel Aviv on Tuesday morning,
Hanin Zoabi, the MK, said that those who kidnapped the three Israelis were “not
terrorists,” but rather acted because they didn’t see any other way to change
their situation.
Her remarks were condemned by Foreign
Minister Avigdor  Liberman, who wrote on Facebook: “Not only are the
kidnappers terrorists, Hanin Zoabi is also a terrorist. The judgment on the
kidnappers and on Zoabi, who encourages them, should be the same.”

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