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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hollywood Star Jon Voight: "Torah Has All the Answers."

Jon Voight, A Righteous Gentile, Speaks out for the Jewish People
Hollywood star Jon Voight has utilized his current trip to Israel to support a number of Jewish causes:
  • a new housing development in East Jerusalem that sends a message that Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people
  • a speech to the Knesset: "The Torah has all the answers."
  • a request to the U.S. President that Jonathan Pollard be freed.
Speech to the Knesset: Israel National News, Jan. 31, 2011
Voight: Torah Has All the Answers
Former Gov. Huckabee is being accompanied on this, his 15th visit to Israel, by known Zionist figures Dr. Joseph Frager, Dr. Paul Brody and Ms. Odeleya Jacobs, as well as by actor Jon Voight, who told the MKs, "The Jews have given the world the Torah, which includes every possible answer to your life’s needs... I witnessed the victims of barbaric Palestinian attacks, and it is outrageous that the world accepts this barbarism as a means of attaining political goals such as a state."         

Groundbreaking Ceremony East Jerusalem, Jerusalem Post, 2/01/2011
Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight, who accompanied Huckabee to Israel, said he was “very proud to be here with all of you who stood for justice and for the legacy of the Jewish people.

And when I see you I think of all the great ones, for so many centuries, who had a dream to pass on the legacy to the next generation, and labored hard and suffered and sacrificed.”

Voight concluded his remarks to loud applause by saying, “And now you are here, this is your time, and you are doing what you should be doing, which is to prepare the next generations and to be the hope of the world that you are. I love you all.”

Construction on the new residential neighborhood commenced some three weeks ago, after the Jerusalem municipal planning board granted a permit for 18 apartments in three buildings, primarily for married students at Beit Orot. The entire complex will be named the Irving Moskowitz Yeshiva and Campus– Yeshivat Beit Orot, after the primary benefactor.

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  1. These are truly brave words coming from someone who has to go back home to the Hollywood glitteratzi and deal with their pro-Arab views.

    'Shkoyach Jon!