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Saturday, May 26, 2018

There is no Palestinian Nation, Says Arab Historian.

"...the whole narrative of an ‘indigenous Palestinian people’ was made up..." 

United with Israel: May 25, 2018
“Palestinian” supporters of the Fatah Movement on parade. (Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash 90)

“Before the Balfour Promise, when the Ottoman rule [1517-1917] ended, Palestine’s political borders as we know them today did not exist, and there was nothing called a Palestinian people with a political identity as we know today”, historian Abd Al-Ghani stated.
By: Judith Bergman
One of the biggest, most stubborn and costliest untruths of our time is the notion that the jihad waged by Arabs in the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Gaza against Jews in Israel is a national struggle of an indigenous people for independence.
No matter the facts, the lie persists to the tune of billions of dollars in international aid and political prestige, which makes it increasingly difficult for anyone involved to admit that the whole thing is nothing more than a propaganda stunt.
Unlike the fairy tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes, everyone pretends to be blind and deaf when it is pointed out that the emperor is naked. In fact, if the emperor himself were to stand up and yell, “I am naked folks, go home!” the crowd would continue complimenting his non-existent garments.
Last week the naked emperor did just that.
“Before the Balfour Promise, when the Ottoman rule [1517-1917] ended, Palestine’s political borders as we know them today did not exist, and there was nothing called a Palestinian people with a political identity as we know today”, historian Abd Al-Ghani admitted on official PA TV on November 1.
“Since Palestine’s lines of administrative division stretched from east to west and included Jordan and southern Lebanon, and like all peoples of the region [the Palestinians] were liberated from the Turkish rule and immediately moved to colonial rule, without forming a Palestinian people’s political identity.”
In 1917, says this Arab historian on official PA TV, there was no such thing as a Palestinian people. This statement amounts to saying that the whole narrative of an ‘indigenous Palestinian people’ was made up at a later point in time.
Who Are the Palestinians?
As Hamas Minister of the Interior and of National Security Fathi Hammad, speaking on Al-Hekma TV, said in March 2012: “Brothers, half of the Palestinians are Egyptians and the other half are Saudis. Who are the Palestinians? We have many families called Al-Masri, whose roots are Egyptian. Egyptian! They may be from Alexandria, from Cairo, from Dumietta, from the North, from Aswan, from Upper Egypt. We are Egyptians…”

There is a reason, why the “Palestinian National Museum” is empty of historical artifacts.
The Arab historian’s admission corroborates the observations of 19th century travelers to the region, who notably had no specific political agenda when they visited, unlike so many visitors to Israel today:
”Outside the gates of Jerusalem, we saw indeed no living object, heard no living sound”, wrote French poet Alphonse de Lamartine about his visit in 1835.
”The country is in a considerable degree empty of inhabitants and therefore its greatest need is that of a body of population,” wrote British Consul James Finn in his 1857 description of the Holy Land.
”Palestine sits in a sackcloth and ashes. Over it broods the spell of a curse that withered its fields and fettered its energies. …Palestine is desolate and unlovely….It is a hopeless dreary, heartbroken land.” wrote American author Mark Twain in his description of his visit in 1867.
Nevertheless, the Arab propaganda machine gets away with publishing fantastic falsehoods, such as this one on the Palestinian Authority’s tourism website: “With a history that envelops more than one million years, Palestine has played an important role in human civilization. The crucible of prehistoric cultures, it is where settled society, the alphabet, religion, and literature developed, and would become a meeting place for diverse cultures and ideas that shaped the world we know today”.
The international community not only approves of these falsehoods, it happily pays for them.
No One is Paying Attention
Historian Abd Al-Ghani’s declaration on PA TV was a historic, highly newsworthy admission that ought to have made the headlines everywhere, considering the importance the issue is given by political leaders, diplomats, the media and other establishment figures all over the world.
After all, if the Arabs themselves admit that the ‘Palestinian people’ is an invented entity, should not the consequence be that the countless UN projects, billions of dollars in international aid, and the endless campaigns against Israel cease and be used for more noble purposes?
The answer is yes, but no one is paying attention.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Ohio Clergymen Bless Israel and See Astounding Blessings in Return

Over 100 righteous gentile clergymen banded together to bless Israel. They say that in return their state, Ohio, was blessed with:

  • approval of a multi-million dollar gas pipeline that had been stalled in lawsuits
  • dramatic increase in turkey and white-tail deer harvest, and largest cow herd in thirty years
  • miraculous shift in a winter storm, dumping 30 inches of snow 70 miles away, and in pro-Israel Richland County, only 2 inches
  • discovery of half a million dollars that covered a shortfall in the county budget

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz  March 7, 2018 , 3:47 pm 

Ohio Clergymen Bless Israel and See Astounding Blessings in Return

“I will bless those who bless you And curse him that curses you; And all the families of the earth Shall bless themselves by you.” Genesis 12:3 (The Israel Bible™)

The clergy, led by Benjamin Mutti and Reverend El Akuchie who are both coordinators of the Richland Community Prayer Network, stood with Israel when they sent a letter of solidarity to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in January 2017.

                           Some of the 103 Ohio pastors in support of Israel (Photo: Benjamin Mutti)

In the letter, the clergyman apologized for the some of the actions of former President Barack Obama, particularly when he ordered his UN ambassador, Samantha Power to abstain instead of veto Security Council Resolution 2334. The resolution, which passed unanimously, declared Israel’s presence in “east Jerusalem,” Judea, and Samaria to be illegal. 
“These actions of the Obama Administration do not represent the will of the governed,” the letter stated. “Furthermore, this Administration has now been deposed. Most assuredly, we believe that the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob gave all the land of Canaan to Israel as an everlasting covenant with Jerusalem as its eternal undivided capital.”
“Please be reminded Prime Minister Netanyahu, even though nations conspire against Israel, these people plot in vain. Even though the kings of the earth band together against you and your country, the One enthroned in the heavens laughs.”
Perhaps the most significant part of the letter was its conclusion in which the Ohio pastors bonded their fate with that of Israel, despite the geographic distance from the Jewish state.
“Since our destinies are intertwined together, you will always have friends in Ohio,” the letter said. “What affects your country affects our country. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, your GOD and His people are fighting and praying for you.”
The letter, signed by 103 Christian clergies from North-Central Ohio, was also sent to Rabbi Yehudah Glick, a long-time Temple Mount activist and Member of Knesset (MK) from Netanyahu’s Likud party. The clergymen were yearning to make up for the “crime” of the UN Security Council resolution.
“We believe the Jews should be a light unto the nations,” Benjamin Mutti told Breaking Israel News. “The UN resolution was a national crime. We wanted to bring reconciliation between our people and the Jews and also between us and the God of Israel.”
According to Mutti, that act of reconciliation starting bearing fruit right away. 
“After sending the letter, we immediately began seeing signs of God’s favor. The economy rebounded and the ecology also responded almost immediately after we sent the letter.”
One of the ways the economy bounced back was the approval of a hotly contested the Rover Pipeline, a 713-mile natural $4 billion gas pipeline. Although the project would bring jobs and money to the region as well as facilitate the distribution of natural gas throughout the US and Canada, the pipeline was mired in several lawsuits. Its approval came ten days after the clergy sent the letter to Netanyahu. At the time, North-Central Ohio had a stagnant regional economy that was reported as the fifth worst in the country, and Mutti said that the project brought an enormous boost to the region.
“The pipeline company pays the landowners,” Mutti explained. “The employees who put in the pipeline also brought income to the region, and several local companies participated in the project.”
For many people in Ohio who live in rural communities, the land plays a powerful role in their lives.
“We follow the land,” Mutti said. “We watch nature for answers.” And the answers immediately came.
“According to Department of Agriculture numbers, the spring turkey harvest in Richland County saw a dramatic twenty-four percent increase from last year, whitetail deer harvested was the best in four years, and the cow herd in Richland County, which is estimated in late winter, is now at its largest number in over thirty years, which is amazing!” Mutti said.
Even with all that, the divine gratitude was not complete. In mid-March of 2017, winter storm Stella was poised to hit their region hard. At the last moment, however, the storm changed direction and dumped 30 inches of snow 70 miles away. The region that had participated in the pro-Israel initiative received just two inches.
The clergymen decided to take their blessing of Israel even further. In response to the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement that calls for a boycott on Israeli products, 42 Christian clergies petitioned the Richland County treasurer, Bart Hamilton, in May 2017 and requested that he invest community funds in Israel bonds. The standing county policy did not permit such international investments, but at the urging of the clergy, the treasurer looked into the possibility of doing so. They cited the strong performance of these bonds as an economic incentive. 
After consulting with the treasurer, the county’s prosecutor rewrote the investment guidelines for the county, which had stood for 25 years. The treasurer then announced at a public county commissioner board meeting his intention to invest between $100,000 to $200,000 in Israel bonds. That very day, the county appeared to reap a Divinely-sponsored return on the investment.
“The day the County Treasurer announced that the county government would invest in Israeli bonds, was the same meeting that half a million dollars in unexpected revenue were reportedly discovered to alleviate a budget shortfall!” Mutti shared. 
It is clear, at least to Mutti and the clergy of North Central Ohio, that blessing the Children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has its advantages.
“There is something about Ohio, but we here feel a close brotherhood to Israel,” Mutti said. “Maybe it is our closeness to nature that allows us to see God’s presence clearly.”